Polly Weston - Chair                    Polly Weston (1).jpg

Team Lead/Continence Specialist Nurse

I trained as a nurse at the Royal London Hospital, qualifying in 1991. Initially I specialised in bowel dysfunction and stoma care, with a particular interest in supporting patients with psychological effect of stoma forming surgery.  I have worked in a variety of clinical roles in London, North Wales, Malawi and Cumbria, all of which has brought new challenges, new opportunities, and enabled me to develop my knowledge and skills.  Therefore, during my career I have been able to embrace change and enjoy the opportunity to learn and develop, striving to remain a reflective practitioner and improve my practise. 

I took up my current position as clinical lead for the South Cumbria Continence Service 10 years ago, and this year I have supported the team during a merger to join our acute partners. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to share practise and have developed bladder and bowel training courses locally as well as speaking at NW ACA branch, BBUK symposium, BBUK bowel interest group and other national study days. 

Since April 2018, the TUPE to University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay has brought new opportunities and I have been proactively involved in joint working to merge policies and agree integrated pathways with allied healthcare professionals. I find myself resilient to the NHS changes, and have undergone 9 changes in clinical management since taking up my post 10 years ago!  

I remain passionate about bladder and bowel function, and being a member of ACA has been extremely rewarding for my continued professional development as well as opportunities to network and share practise. I am particularly keen to drive forward a national standard for bladder and bowel assessment. 

I am married with 2 daughters, and I thoroughly enjoy living in the Lake District, and the outdoor lifestyle it brings. 

As an experienced clinician, I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to be a member of the ACA Executive committee and I am keen to contribute at a national level and it would be an honour to represent the ACA membership.

Co-opted: 2018
Elected: June 2019
Term ends: June 2022 (1st term)

Bo Yeung - Secretary and Website Editor

Bo.jpg Bladder & Bowel Clinical Nurse Specialist
Central London Community Healthcare Trust

I have been a nurse for more than 30 years within a wide variety of specialities; this experience has developed me to the nurse specialist that I am today, currently I work as a Bladder and Bowel Clinical Nurse Specialist in a community setting for a London Community Trust. My role allows me to pull together my previous knowledge, skills and experiences to provide services for patients who may require Continence, Urology, Uro-Gynaecology and Stoma Care for assessment, treatment, management, education and support. This is delivered in patient’s homes, care facilities or a hospital base in a clinic.

I work as part of a team that provides formal education to clinical colleagues in my organisation, social care, private care in Bowel Care, Stoma Care, Catheterisation, Portable Bladder Scanning, and Continence Assessments, we also write the trusts Clinical Guidelines and Protocols.

Personally I have a great track record in service delivery which is patient centred with both measurable clinical outcomes but  also with good / excellent levels of patient satisfaction ,collected through local PROM-Patient Recorded Outcome Measures, PREMs-Patient Recorded Experience Measures  and NHS Friends and Families Test data collections..

I remain passionate about the NHS and provision of care with dignity, sustainable services, which are efficient, cost effective.

Co-opted: 2017
Elected: May 2018
Term ends: May 2021 (1st term)

Norma Hayes - Treasurer

Norma.jpgContinence Nurse Specialist, Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust

I have been a member of ACA since 2005 and I have been an active member of my regional branch.  I was co-opted onto the executive team last year and I have been able to develop my understanding of the role of the executive team. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to contribute towards the work of the team in the future.

Having gained my diploma in nursing in 2002, I worked initially on urology and there began my career in continence. From there I worked as a community nurse practitioner and in 2005 was successful in securing a position as a band 6 senior continence nurse, having completed the Urology and promotion of continence module. In 2009, I gained promotion to band 7 Continence nurse specialist. My role has both clinical and managerial responsibilities and includes service transformation and quality improvement. I teach on the Urology and Promotion of Continence module at the University of Chester.  I am undoubtedly passionate about continence and strive to promote continence and engage clinicians within the wider community.  

Co-Opted: 2017

Elected: May 2018

Term ends: May 2021 (1st term)



Davina Richardson - Newsletter Editor

davina-richardson.jpgChildren's Continence Advisor, Disabled Living

History with ACA:  I became a member of the ACA and joined the Education Committee in 2015.  I joined the Executive in 2016. 

Work Role:  I trained as a Registered Sick Children’s Nurse and have always worked in child health, in both acute and community settings.  I was a Children’s Continence Nurse in the North East of England from 2006 – 2017.  I have worked as a Children’s Continence Advisor for Bladder and Bowel UK (formerly PromoCon) since 2015.

Elected: May 2016
Term ends: June 2022 (2nd Term)


Julie Vickerman - Education Group Lead/Facebook

Julie_Vickerman.jpgClinical Specialist Occupational Therapist

I qualified as an OT in 1983 and have worked clinically in a variety of settings including learning disability, acute medicine, cardiac rehabilitation and community equipment and adaptations in health, social services and the voluntary sector.

I became the first OT in the UK to specialise in the field of continence care in 2000 when I became a member of the multi professional continence team in Chorley, Lancashire.

This team were winners of several national awards recognising the innovative and integrated approach they developed towards promoting effective continence care.

Alongside my continence clinical post, I also had a seconded post with PromoCon (now Bladder & Bowel UK). This research post focused on raising the national and international profile of the OT role in continence promotion. The role also involved publishing articles and book chapters to raise awareness of the functional aspect of continence care and developing and delivering training packages to pre and post graduate nurses and OT’s as a means of integrating continence issues into their clinical work.

More recently I have held a senior management role within Social Services which has given me a very useful insight into the challenges faced by social care organisations and highlighted the potential for more integrated working to support people living in their own home.

In December 2017, I returned to working directly in the field of continence care when I commenced a newly commissioned post with the Bladder & Bowel Service for Blackpool NHS Foundation Trust.

Whilst this new role is very similar in lots of ways to that of my original specialist post, there are also new challenges ahead as we become part of an Accountable Care Organisation later this year.

My clinical work focuses on promoting continence by improving or maintaining the independence and function of clients or finding alternative solutions to difficult toileting situations. The role will also involve formally teaching and training health, social care and academia colleagues as well as developing a greater awareness of the multi professional responsibility for helping people with bladder and bowel problems regain or maintain independence and dignity in this aspect of their personal care.

I have been an active member of the North West ACA Branch since I commenced working in this field in 2000. The branch has always prided itself in being very proactive and offers a supportive network for its members. I have been privileged to have been the elected Chair since 2010.

Co-Opted: 2018

Elected: May 2018

Term ends: May 2021 (1st term)

Domini Mullins - Deputy Secretary

domini-mullins.jpgAdvanced Surgical Care Practitioner and Lead, Sacral Nerve Services, Manchester Foundation Trust

I am an Advanced Surgical Care Practitioner and Lead Nurse for the Sacral Nerve Service at Manchester Foundation Trust (MFT). I have worked in a variety of clinical areas gaining many skills and clinic knowledge within women’s health, research, theatre and pelvic floor dysfunction. I completed an MSc and now implant and support all patients having sacral nerve neuromodulation for faecal incontinence. 

Recently I was fortunate to win the Nursing Times award for continence care. This has encouraged me to speak out more about incontinence and to highlight how faecal incontinence can be such a debilitating condition for a person and the family. The SNS service at MFT is patient led and I encourage all patients to be involved in the decision making of all aspects of their care and in improving the service. I work in partnership with and hold joint clinics with colleagues in pelvic floor dysfunction to give patients the best knowledge-based service I can provide. I have experience in research and am involved in recruiting patients onto a National neuromodulation study. 

As a nurse implanter of a surgical device I feel I can bring a unique view of support for faecal incontinence patients. I am a great believer in nurses and all allied health professionals pushing the boundaries in terms of professional development and what we are able to achieve as individuals.  I believe in benchmarking and sharing practice as this in term benefits patients. I am also a member of the Pelvic Floor Society.

Elected: June 2019

Term ends: June 2022 (1st term)


Ruth Scrivens - Deputy Newsletter Editor

Specialist Physiotherapist, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

I trained as a physiotherapist in Middlesbrough in 1990. Subsequently I specialised in Women'sHealth and completed a physiotherapy Post-Graduate Certificate in Continence care. Currently I work for the Bladder and Bowel Care Service in Devon. My job involves treating patients with a range of conditions, including urinary and faecal incontinence, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain. As a physiotherapist, I offer modalities such as electrotherapy and biofeedback,  as well as exercise programmes and manual therapy. I am an independent non-medical prescriber, and also have team lead and educational responsibilities within my role.

In 2015 I joined ACA and became Chair of the South West ACA Branch. This involves working with a local committee, which endeavours to provide an educational forum and peer support network for those who have an interest in incontinence issues. We have enjoyed great support from South West members, and our meetings have been both entertaining and educational. In 2018 I joined the ACA Conference organising committee, which led to an interest in working with the ACA Executive Committee.  I co-opted onto this in 2018.

Elected: June 2019

Term ends: June 2022 (1st term)

Fiona Saunders - Deputy Membership Secretary/MOOC


I am the first retired Continence Advisor to be co-opted on to the ACA Executive committee, I am really excited to be given this opportunity, I have a passion for continence care and feel very privileged to be able to still to be involved and hopefully make a difference. I would like to introduce myself and tell you how I became a co-opted ACA Executive committee member.

From a young age I had always wanted to be a nurse. I followed my dreams and gained a place at Hull University to study a degree course in Nursing. A Degree in Nursing at this time was a relatively new concept, I was a student in the second intake of the course at Hull University and we had to work, as a "supernumerary" on the wards and in placements when the other university students were on vacation, this was also a new concept! After 4 years amazing years at University, I qualified as a Registered Nurse and a BSc Honours in Nursing Sciences.

Urology and continence have always been interesting for me. My first ward placement as a university student was on a Urology ward. My first job as a Staff Nurse was also on a Urology Ward and when I moved into the Community, the District Nurse in our team was interested in continence and developed a continence assessment tool which we piloted and she progressed to be the first Continence Advisor in our organisation.

I worked for a number of years in District Nursing and then as a District Nursing Team leader before gaining the post of a Continence Advisor and for over 20 years I have worked within the field of Continence Care, as Head of Service. One of the highlights of my career was when I went to Hong Kong to share knowledge about our continence service and to deliver 3-day continence training programme to group nurses and to present at a national medical conference.
I have been a member of the ACA since took up the post of Continence Advisor and have attended a number of Conferences over the years.

After my retirement I contacted the ACA to see if I could do any voluntary work to help the organisation as I felt I still wanted to be able to share some of my expertise and help people with continence problems. Trish McDermott, ACA Chair told me about the plan to develop an MOOC – massive on-line training programme, for adult continence. Jo Booth, Education chair, contacted me to discuss further and I became involved in working with Jo, Kate Boyce and Janice Read from the ACA and Kate Dickens from the Future Learn. Developing the MOOC was challenging and exciting. I hope if you have not signed up with Future Learn to do it the module "Understanding Continence Promotion" you will. I felt very honoured when Jo asked if I would consider being co-opted on to the executive and here I am.

Co-Opted -2018 

Elected: June 2019

Term ends: June 2022 (1st term)


Nikki Cotterill - Deputy Education Group Lead

nikki-cotterill.jpgAssociate Professor - Continence Care, University of the West of England

I am a qualified nurse and have worked in the field of continence research since 2003. I am extremely passionate about improving patient care and my research falls into three distinct areas:

  • Patient-centred improvements and measurement of outcomes
  • Exploring care provision and strategies to improve evidence based care, and
  • Conservative interventions including empowerment to self-help

I am the chief investigator for a number of current studies exploring continence care provision in the community and inpatient settings, and am a co-applicant on a number of active and completed NIHR HTA trials. I firmly believe it is imperative for research to inform education and vice versa, and aim to integrate my research to increase the evidence base and improve continence care and patient outcomes. I have worked hard to position myself into a role in which I am able to influence this with my recent appointment to Associate Professor of Continence Care at UWE Bristol. I am exploring options to increase education for all – public and carers, undergraduate multidisciplinary professionals and continence specialists. My research also focusses on care across the patient journey and aims to particularly engender an ethos of continence promotion rather than containment. 

I have been on the International Consultation on Incontinence committee for patient reported outcome assessment since 2004 and led the global ICIQ project for outcome assessment from 2004-2018. I am keen to reflect the needs of individuals with bladder and bowel symptoms and have developed a number of patient panels that have been invaluable to guiding research in this field. I have published and presented nationally and internationally to a range of scientific audiences. 

There is a real enthusiasm to improve bladder and bowel care. I would be delighted to co-lead the ACA education committee to raise the profile of education in this fundamental area of patient care for all.

Elected: June 2019

Term ends: June 2022 (1st term)


Sheena Kennedy - Communications Officer

sheena-kennedy.jpgCommunity Paediatric Nurse Specialist/Continence Lead Nurse, Bridgewater CHT

After spending years as a Nanny and a Nursery Nurse in London, I came back to  North west England and started working in the NHS in 1997 in the Health Visiting teams In St Helens , from there I was seconded to do my Paediatric Nursing BSc working as a student mostly in Alder Hey Childrens Hospital but also St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals.

I joined the Paediatric Continence team 10 years ago, completing Gastro, Urology,  Independent Prescribing and Clinical examination qualifications. I have been lead Nurse for around 8 years. My team are passionate about driving the service forward and using innovative practice which has led us to be the BJN  winners 2016 and 2017, Nursing Times Finalists 2018 and BJN finalists/ Highly Commended 2019.

I have developed a pathway for children to have non-invasive Urodynamics in the community together with a diagnosing tool  for community nurses. A teaching / play package for children who need to ISC, and my team set up a Sensory clinic for children who have high anxiety when they need to be examined, which has led to children with additional needs being assessed, diagnosed and treated successfully for the first time.

I have a special interest in children with Spina Bifida and Neurological conditions and ISC and Irrigation, as we have large cohort of children in North west England.

Co-Opted: June 2019

Elected May 2020

Gill Davey - MOOC

gill-davey.jpgContinence Advisor/Manager, Brierely Hill and Social Care Centre           

I started my career in the Lakes before moving to North Devon whereupon I became a registered nurse in gynaecology.  It was at this point in my career I was introduced to do bladder and bowel issues by a Continence Advisor at North Devon I found this fascinating.

1997 I moved to Shrewsbury into a bigger Gynae unit and was able to gain more experience with bladder issues.  For me this seemed a good option to pursue further and I undertook the ENB 978 in continence course.  There were no actually jobs available in this speciality where I was living, but lo and behold a research post came up with the Kings Fund in Dudley.  Thankfully I managed to secure it.  The job was to put research into practice within the Dudley borough.  I was very lucky to meet some very helpful people who helped me and we got work published and from there I got a permanent position of which I now lead the service.

Within the 23 years as a Continence Nurse Specialist I have managed to increase the team from one to nine.  I am involved in developing policies for the Trust and will be involved with education regarding bladder/bowel problems.

The CCG wanted a 7 day service which we have done and I secured two nurses to just work for the care homes and over 65 years caseload.  This has been a revelation to the homes as they have their own nurse who is available at weekends.

I am involved with procurement and the whole process of tendering for products, which as we one trust now are trying to ensure secondary and primary are more cohesive in their approach to continence.

I have managed to do a Masters in Health Care Policy and Management.  I have been published several times.  I have been fortunate to present at our local ACA, plus being involved with them has been brilliant as we have had some excellent speakers. This has most defiantly assisted in getting more like-minded people to join and come to the meetings.

Currently I am involved with the Unplanned Admissions Consensus Committee which is concentrating on UTI .

I still have the passion and the enthusiasm about continence and I enjoy doing what I do.

Co-Opted: June 2019

Elected: May 2020