ACA 2021 Call for Abstracts

Closes midnight  Monday 22nd February 2021 *

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* Please note that all abstracts that were submitted for 2020 conference will automatically be re-submitted for 2021. If you would like to withdraw your abstract presentation, please email 

Abstract Criteria

If you would like to deliver an oral or poster presentation at conference please complete the online submission form.  Before doing so please read the following information, as it will influence the format for the submission.

1. Abstracts must be submitted online.
2. The submitter must also be the presenter.  Co-authors can be added to the submission.
3. If your abstract is selected for either a poster presentation or free paper you must register as a paying delegate to attend the event.
4. Your submission must be either a Research Study or Clinical Issue.
5. Decide if you’d like to be considered for an Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation, or both.
6. Presenters opting for an oral presentation should note that an unsuccessful abstract may be invited as a poster presentation.
7. Type clearly in English.
8. Ensure that your work has been thoroughly proof read before submission.
9. Maximum word count is 400 words.  Please note that some software programmes, including MS Word, do not count words or characters in the same way.  If your word count is showing as over 400 you must edit your text to fit within the online submission.  Contents pasted in from other applications (eg.MS Word) may lose their formatting.
10. Images and tables are not accepted for abstract submissions, text only.
11. Use the following headings when entering your abstract, dependent on which heading you have submitted your abstract under:
     - Objectives of study/presentation
     - Methods of data collection or Overview of main issues to be presented
     - Results
     - Discussion and conclusions
12. References should be included in the main body of the abstract and do count towards the word count.
13. All abbreviations should be defined at their first occurrence.
14. Accepted abstracts for poster or oral presentation will be published in the programme and proceedings of conference. Your submission authorises ACA to publish the abstract.
15. Accepted presenters will be required to register and pay for the full conference attendance fee.


There are 3 prizes for the abstracts, these are:

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