The comprehensive programme has been designed based on the feedback you provided from 2019 and will include the following topics:

  • 40 years of the ACA
  • Continence Advisors are Awesome: 
    Dame Yvonne Moores (Keynote speaker - date TBC)
  • The National Bladder and Bowel Health Project:
    Sue Doheny (Keynote speaker - date TBC)
  • Bowel Problems in People with Learning Disabilities 
  • Bladder Training App for Young People 
  • Advances in the Uses of Robotics with the Pelvic Floor 
  • The Future of Virtual ACA Branches
  • Physical/Medical Aspects of Sexuality and Continence  
  • The Impact of Continence Issues on the Individual, Relationships and Intimacy 
  • Medication and the Link to the Bladder  

...and much more! 

We are continually working on the programme to ensure it covers all the contemporary issues in continence care so please keep an eye on our website and future emails for any updates.