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The Association for Continence Advice is the largest multi-disciplinary association of health care professionals working within the field of bladder and bowel management. With many of its members involved in determining continence policies and procedures they have considerable influence on the products used within the health service and beyond. 

For more information contact Paul Harrison, Head of Sales and Marketing, 01506 811077 /

ACA Newsletter

Their quarterly publication is sent to all their members and is an excellent way of promoting products and services for this market segment. 

ACA Newsletter Circulation: 600 members of the Association for Continence Advice.

Advertising rates 2016

Standard Sizes

¼ page

½ page

A4 page









Special positions




Inside Front cover (4 colour)




Back cover (4 colour)




Double Page Spread (4 colour)




 Product News


(125 words + 1 image)


Website Banner advertising

£203 Per Month

£191 Per month 
(3+ months)

£183 Per Month 
(6+ months)

 Study day or course advertising

£100 per month

(FOC if free for ACA members to attend)


Recruitment advertising (including website)

£169 per month

£265 per month

£370 per month





Loose insert  (10g)
Loose insert (20gm+)








Direct Mailout UK ACA members


plus postage & materials


Email to ACA members


Plus 5p per email


Sponsorship of ACA Executive & Education Group meetings








Agency commission




Discount for 4 issues





2016 Production and Deadline Dates

Distribution dates

Copy to be received

Dates for receipt of inserts

March 2016

22nd January 2016

19th February 2016

June 2016

222nd April 2016

20th May 2016

September 2016

22nd July 2016

19th August 2016

December 2016

21st October 2016

18th November 2016


Mechanical data ACA Newsletter

Screen size: mono or spot colour 175, full colour 175

Advertisement size

depth x width (mm)

Full page

270 x 188

Half page

- horizontal:

130 x 188


- vertical:

270 x 94

Quarter Page:

130 x 94

Bleed sizes


Full Page:

303 x 213

Trim size:

297 x 210

Website banner advertising

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Pixel Dimensions: 327 x 80
Graphics Format: gif/jpg/png/animated gif or swf
Maximum File Size: Size 40k maximum

Animations limited to 3 rotations before resting on a single frame. Animations should run for shorter than 30 seconds

Materials required 
For colour and mono:

High Resolution PDFs are the preferable option but other file formats are acceptable.
Apple Mac users – page files in QuarkXpress with fonts supplied
For further information please contact the publisher.  All material should be sent

Cancellation notice:

28 days prior to copy deadline

Films and artwork:

The advertiser or its agent should supply the advertising material electronically.  All process work or setting undertaken by the publishers will  be charged to the advertiser


Material is held at the client’s risk and the publisher accepts no responsibility for loss or damage


The publisher will supply proofs prior to printing which will require acceptance within 48 hours or less.  If no reply is received from the advertiser it will be assumed that the proof is accepted and that printing is to proceed

Acceptance of Material:

The publishers do not hold themselves responsible for film or artwork left unclaimed for more than 12 months.


The publishers reserve the right to refuse, amend or withdraw advertisements submitted to them at their absolute discretion and without explanation.  All advertisements must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice.


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Advertisements are accepted on our terms of payment which is 28 days net from invoice date