Research Projects of Interest

The Carer UK is looking for a lead article on the topic continence in care in the October edition of their quarterly publication "The Carer" (website:

It is distributed to residential and nursing care homes in England and Wales, care commissioning groups and corporate head offices of care groups. Website
They are looking for an article in the region of 500-700 words and will include an image of the author and contact byline.
They are looking for an article that will include diagnosing and assessing the patients needs, medical conditions that may be associated with incontinence, also taking into account any psychological conditions, managing the condition with dignity, training, and any other guidance and best practice and author may feel will be of interest to the readership.
If this is of interest, please email

Bladder and bowel UK

Enuresis Update 

A group of like-minded children's continence professionals have come together to promote best practice in the treatment of children with enuresis. They plan to produce a newsletter twice a year, which aims to disseminate relevant information and recent research findings. It will be relevant to any professional working with children and young people who suffer from this distressing condition. Click on the link here to access 'Enuresis Update' or visit