The International Journal of Urological Nursing

February 8, 2016

The International Journal of Urological Nursing has brought together its best papers on continence care into an online collection, which is available to read for free until March 2016. Please click here to view. 

Promoting continence for people living with dementia and long term conditions: the resource

February 2, 2016

The resource highlights the fundamental and essential care and support required to give people the opportunity to remain continent and maximise their quality of life. It can be used by people living with dementia and their families as part of self-management as well as by staff working across health and social care. Download a copy of the pocket guide here  or for copies of the resource call 0345 600 9527 

NICE Consultation Document

January 15, 2016

You may already be aware that NICE have opened a public consultation on the safety and efficacy of Sacral nerve stimulation for idiopathic chronic non-obstructive urinary retention [IP1238]. This consultation runs for four weeks between 26th of June 2015 and 23rd July 2015 (closes at 5pm). Target date for publication of guidance is 25 November 2015.

Please see the link below to view the consultation document, all registered stakeholders can submit comments. Provisional recommendations suggest normal arrangements, which is very positive news (see section 1.1)

Please click here for link.

LUTS Group publishes new report - Who Cares? Uncovering the incontinence taboo in social care.

January 12, 2016

The expert group on LUTS published a new report, Who Cares? Uncovering the incontinence taboo in social care, which uses the findings from an FOI audit to look at the commissioning of continence support for older people within social care. 

Incontinence affects up to 80% of people in residential care and is second only to dementia as a precipitating factor in care home admissions, however findings within the report reveal that a significant number of older people who receive local-authority-funded social care, are at risk of distress and indignity arising from poor continence support.

The expert group are calling for local authorities to take urgent action in response to these findings and drive open and honest conversations about how high quality, compassionate and dignified continence care can be provided, without compromise, within social care. 

To view this report please click here.

Postgraduate Research Opportunity

January 6, 2016

A fantastic opportunity for a PhD which will make a difference to women's lives has arisen at Glasgow Caledonian University 'Making pessary care for prolapse woman-centred and evidence-based (then navigate to School of Life and Health Sciences).

Continence discussed on the BBC following NHS Englands' new guidance, " Excellence in Continence Care"

December 22, 2015

Following our press release on the EICC guidance, Sarah Elliott and Jacq Emkes have taken part in interviews with the BBC and the piece, promoting the new guidance and continence issues as a whole, is due to broadcast on the Breakfast show, Monday 28 December. We don’t know exactly what time it will air but do look out for it if you can. Unfortunately, BBC Breakfast is not on the iPlayer so you won’t be able to view it after the show. For those of you who are social media users, if you can support us and raise awareness please feel free to tweet. Our national Twitter account handle is @NHSEngland. I suggest using the simple hashtag #continence; #EICC is already in use for a completely different topic! Our press office also runs the @NHSEnglandMedia Twitter account, from which they tweet about interviews so do keep an eye on their feed.

Natalie McEwan
Communications and Engagement Manager, NHS England - South (South Central)

See the BBC slides here!Coverage_slides[1].pptx

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