Following our press release on the EICC guidance, Sarah Elliott and Jacq Emkes have taken part in interviews with the BBC and the piece, promoting the new guidance and continence issues as a whole, is due to broadcast on the Breakfast show, Monday 28 December. We don’t know exactly what time it will air but do look out for it if you can. Unfortunately, BBC Breakfast is not on the iPlayer so you won’t be able to view it after the show. For those of you who are social media users, if you can support us and raise awareness please feel free to tweet. Our national Twitter account handle is @NHSEngland. I suggest using the simple hashtag #continence; #EICC is already in use for a completely different topic! Our press office also runs the @NHSEnglandMedia Twitter account, from which they tweet about interviews so do keep an eye on their feed.

Natalie McEwan
Communications and Engagement Manager, NHS England - South (South Central)

See the BBC slides here!Coverage_slides[1].pptx