Nursing Times Student subscriptions offer access to information and support on student life as well as access to our award-winning, peer-reviewed clinical journal at a discounted rate.
access includes:
* The Nursing Times Clinical Archive featuring over 6,000+ double blind peer-reviewed clinical articles on all aspects of nursing, organised into over 50 specialist sections, helping to support students with their research and studies and prepare them for placements;
* User-friendly online learning units on the fundamental aspects of nursing care, written by nationally recognised experts, helping students grow their confidence on their areas of interest;
* Self-assessments featuring selected articles with multiple-choice online assessments, allowing students to quickly and easily test their knowledge on clinical subjects;
* Nursing Times Journal Club offering selected articles with accompanying handouts to help guide group studies and discussions;
* The Practical Procedures section with step-by-step guides to clinical procedures and summaries of current evidence;
* The Systems of Life section offering applied anatomy and physiology to help students develop their understanding of the functioning of the human body;
* The student zone; a dedicated section edited by student nurses for student nurses, offering a community to support and inspire them to succeed and be the best nurses they can be.